Kitchen Plastic Cutting/Chopping Board

When it�s time to chop up vegetables for dinner or prepare dishes for your meal prep plan, you don�t want to leave deep cuts in your counter. That�s why we created our chopping Boards, a heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic cutting board set that gives you more cutting versatility and efficiency that�s cleaner, safer and better for daily food preparationIt will not use much of your kitchen space since the sleek design of the chopping board makes it easy to be stored away. A helping hand in slicing with ease, the chopping board is dishwasher safe. 

Product Features : 

  • Precision Cutting Surface � Crafted with a thick, heavy-duty plastic, our BPA-free and latex free cutting boards provide a clean food prep surface for every meal.
  • Safe, Durable & Easy to Clean � A non-porous, ultra-strong cutting surface is gentle on cutlery and knives and can be put in the dishwasher for quick, easy cleanup.
  • Chop, Scrape & Dice � Tough enough to withstand heavy chopping, slicing, dicing and sharp knives, our surface won�t retain stains or odors for long-term use.
  • Distinctive design with manual spice herb grinder requires no cutting or pressing, just place garlic until you reach desired texture, also good for ginger or olive.


0086 Kitchen Plastic Cutting/Chopping Board

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