• ??PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: The perfect, professional solution for quick and easy packing and sealing of boxes, packages, cartons or wall taping before painting. This tape gun dispenser is made to last for years and perform excellently for all your taping projects.
  • ??COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIP: Perfect for the house, office, and warehouse. This tape dispenser provides maximum comfort and ease, making it ideal for high-volume shipping.
  • ??EASY ROLL THREADING: The side loading design makes is easy and safe for everyone to use.
  • ??Lightweight and very easy to use, this handheld tape dispenser allows you to pack, seal and cover anything in no time, without tiring your hands.
  • ??Sales Package: 1 Tape Dispenser � Color � Assorted (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White etc)

0456 2 Inch Plastic Handy Packaging Tape Dispenser

SKU: 0456_plastic_tape_dispenser
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