LatestSaman Heavy unbreakable Plastic Stylish look fully Transparent Large Glasses Set 300ml (6pcs)

- Heavy unbreakable Plastic Material

- Stylish Look

- Fully Transparent Glass

The perfect solution for home and any bar or restaurant that likes the classy and elegant look of glasses sets, but hates having to deal with the mess of broken glass. The Elite range of drinking glasses sets is manufactured from polycarbonate material, which has superior strength over other plastic materials and virtually unbreakable. 

These are perfect for outdoor catering and serving beverages at large events. Their panelled design is perfect for your table settings and drink presentation. Their polycarbonate material makes these plastic drinking water glasses perfect for use at outdoor events as well as in commercial settings such as restaurants, pubs and bars.

Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses are also dishwasher-proof and more lightweight than standard glasses, which means they can be more beneficial to carry larger stacks of glass at a time. Our comprehensive range of plastic drinking glasses offers a wide variety of polycarbonate drinking glasses, perfect for serving a variety of cold drinks and juices.

2027 Plastic Stylish look fully Transparent Glasses Set 300ml (6pcs)

SKU: 2027_6Pcs_Large_Glass(300ml)
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