fan-shaped 30W Led Bulb can be used in multi-angles as it comes with a hinge type folding mechanism. Easy to Install - Fits standard B22 socket; no special lamp-base necessary. Unique Design - Foldable three-leaf fan blade design. The LED pendant light can be folded flexibly, which takes less space in the house; When it is open, the lighting area is wide and super bright. Eye Protection - The lampshade with high light transmittance, uniform illumination, anti-dazzle and no flicker, create a comfortable environment for your eye. Energy Saving - It can save more than 80% energy which compared with traditional incandescent lights. The light lifetime will be last more than 30,000 hours.

Wholesale Supplier for 30W Home Energy Saving High Brightness Ceiling Lamp Blade Adjustable Angle Two fan led blade light bul

LED Foldable Light 30W 2 LED Light

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